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UV protection for your childs eyes  (Sun Damage)
Daily Skin Care Tips

UV protection for your childs eyes

UV radiation is not only damaging to your skin, but to your eyes as well. In particular, the eyes of younger children are even more susceptible to sustaining impairment caused by the suns harmful rays. Comparatively, children have larger pupils (which allow more light to pass into their eyes), clearer lenses, and are outside without eye protection much more frequently and for longer periods than most adults, but adequate eye protection is often overlooked as an essential sun protective element for kids. It is estimated that 80 percent of lifetime exposure to UV occurs by age 18 and that childrens annual UV radiation exposure is three times that of adults.

In addition to regular and adequate use of sunscreens, take care when selecting sunglasses and keep in mind that most sun protective eyewear have a coating that blocks varying levels of UV light, but they do not offer complete protection and may be insufficient in terms of preventing damage to the eyes. Trying to keep sunglasses on young children may be a challenge, so try headwear such as visors or hats with a wide brim in combination with limited sun exposure during the hours of peak UV levels (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.).


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