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Preventing age spots ...  (Sun Damage)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Preventing age spots ...

Age spots are the result of accumulated sun exposure. The only way to prevent age spots is by practicing your sun smarts well before the age of 40 - the earlier the better. Make it part of your regular routine to use sunscreen daily, wear a hat and clothing to cover-up areas prone to high UV exposure and avoid spending extended or unnecessary time under the sun. These good habits will also help to reduce your chances of developing skin cancer and wrinkles.

If applied regularly, moisturizing products that contain an exfoliating ingredient can lighten freckles and age spots. You may also want to look for a formulation that includes vitamin B3, which plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin. A convenient way to include an exfoliant or sunscreen in your skin care routine is to find one that is included in a daily moisturizer.


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