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Winter lip care is a must! (Sun Damage)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Winter lip care is a must!

Ladies, did you know that wearing lipstick not only cosmetically enhances your lips, but it also gives you protection against lip cancer? Most men don’t use any form of lip care, consequently, the incidence rate of lip cancer is higher for males than females. Any sort of lip protection helps, but ones containing sunscreen are best. Even plain lipstick reduces your risk. Although lip cancer is still fairly rare, rates increase as the population ages. Years of accumulated sun exposure contributes to what can be a curable, but disfiguring disease. Smoking and a fair complexion are other risk factors.

Days spent in the sun in the past can't be erased, but men and women need to pay attention to protecting their lips and reducing their risk. Protection against ultraviolet radiation and dealing with dry, chapped lips is particularly important during the winter season, as the UV index can still remain high, depending on the altitude you’re at. If you have dry lips, licking them won't bring relief - it will only make them dryer and more chapped by removing the protective oils. To keep your lips soft and smooth, particularly during colder weather, apply a moisturizing lip salve/balm. It’s especially effective if you apply the balm before bed. During the day, use a lipstick, gloss or lip balm with moisturizers and/or sunscreen.


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