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Dealing with scalp psoriasis?  (Psoriasis)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Dealing with scalp psoriasis?

There are many products available to help you manage the bothersome flaking associated with scalp psoriasis. Although there are numerous medical treatment options available that are formulated in a wide variety of ointments, solutions, gels, creams and foams, you can make lifestyle modifications that can improve your condition. The incessant flaking that is commonly associated with scalp psoriasis makes managing the symptoms and grooming a real challenge. Furthermore, the persistent flaking can heighten your level of self-consciousness and become a source of embarrassment.

To help you cope, experiment with a new hairstyle that minimizes the visibility of your scalp, such as grow bangs or try a style where strands sweep across your forehead. Depending on how much scaling occurs, adjust your frequency of hair washing - not enough will cause the scales to build-up, but too much will irritate your scalp. It is best to find a gentle, non-sensitizing, or even medicated formula for cleansing. Avoid the use of chemical treatments such as hair dyes, and bleaching, perming or straightening agents. Try to wear lighter coloured fabrics to make fallen flakes less noticeable. Reducing stress levels will help too!