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What causes psoriasis? ...  (Psoriasis)
Daily Skin Care Tips

What causes psoriasis? ...

Psoriasis results from a glitch in your bodys immune system. The usual time that it takes for your body to replace skin cells is 28 days, however, in those with psoriasis, the repair, reproduction and replacement process of skin cells goes into overtime - taking only 3 to 6 days to complete the task. It is almost as if your bodys immune system is tricked into thinking theres an infection.

The result of the accelerated cellular regenerative process is a build-up of skin cells, which causes the flaky, inflamed lesions known as plaques. Psoriasis can be very challenging to manage on your own, so seek the advice of a dermatologist. Many medical treatments are available, but some things that you can do are to keep your skin moisturized to prevent further irritation and reduce stress levels to minimize flare-ups.


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