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Suggestions to help manage psoriasis  (Psoriasis)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Suggestions to help manage psoriasis

Psoriasis is chronic non-contagious skin disease that is caused by an overactive immune system, which produces inflammatory lesions and flaking of skin (scales). Psoriasis tends to run in families, but other causes include skin injury and infection, such as strep throat. You may notice a correlation with certain conditions that bring about an improvement (warm, sunny weather) and other factors that can worsen your psoriasis. Things that can trigger flare-ups include a cold and dry climate, infections, stress, and dry skin. Also, certain medicines, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), high blood pressure medications or those used to treat some mental illnesses, may cause an outbreak or exacerbate your psoriasis.

Particularly for women, research studies have confirmed that smoking is a contributing factor for developing psoriasis, and it can worsen existing conditions. Persist in keeping your skin hydrated with creams or lotions. Brief exposures to sunlight will help, but psoriasis also predisposes your skin to more easily sustain damage from UV rays, so use caution and consult your doctor to determine a safe limit. Gently soften and remove scales by applying cream and then peel only the loose crusts. Removing the scales may help your skin to retain more moisture from creams and lotions. For mild psoriasis, aloe vera may provide a soothing effect.


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