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What you can do to manage hand eczema (Eczema)
Daily Skin Care Tips

What you can do to manage hand eczema

Hand eczema is a common skin disorder that tends to become chronic, worsens during colder weather and can often times interfere with daily activities. Protecting your hands from the cold air and minimizing exposure to humidity will help to prevent your eczema from flaring-up during the winter months. Emollients have been shown to be useful in reducing eczema severity by helping your skin to maintain a moisture barrier and preventing irritants and allergens from entering. Regular use of a moisturizing lotion that’s rich in emollients will help to hydrate your hands and prevent further dryness and cracking from occurring.

For added protection, try wearing gloves that are made from non-irritating materials when doing the dishes or using household cleaning products. Limit exposing your hands to water and reduce conditions that cause sweating. To help reduce sweaty hands when outdoors, try wearing a thinner cotton mitten/glove next to the skin first (to allow for ventilation and absorb perspiration) and then another mitten over the cotton one to maintain warmth.


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