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Tips to reduce eczema flare-ups (Eczema)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Tips to reduce eczema flare-ups

The cold and dry conditions during the winter months can cause extreme discomfort for those with eczema, often resulting in flare-ups and chapped skin. Control your eczema during this time of the year by moisturizing regularly, doing what you can to reduce stress levels, avoiding irritants like wool and harsh soaps, and taking warm baths instead of hot showers. If you do experience flare-ups, ask your doctor about prescription cortisone or non-steroidal creams and ointments.

Regular use of a moisturizer will help you to break out of the “dry skin cycle”, which results from the skin’s inability to self hydrate and repair its natural moisture barrier function. Bathing removes the protective oils from the surface of your skin and leaves it dry and irritated. To counter these effects, use a moisturizing body wash instead of soap and apply an emollient-rich lotion immediately after you gently pat dry your skin with a towel. Regular applications of lotions and creams will help to continually replenish lost moisture and reduce the discomfort associated with chronically dry skin.


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