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Eczema and dry skin ... (Eczema)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Eczema and dry skin ...

Because eczema is frequently accompanied by dry skin, make sure to regularly apply a suitable moisturizer. Maintaining hydration through the use of moisturizers is essential for successfully managing eczema and breaking the dry skin cycle that can lead to itching, scratching, inflammation and infection. The key ingredients contained in moisturizing products provide a barrier that prevents water loss through evaporation. Select products that are rich in emollients to help quickly restore hydration to your skin immediately after bathing or hand washing.

For an added level of protection, try body washes that contain moisturizers - these will clean without completely removing the naturally protective body oils, plus they’ll soothe your skin. If you have eczema, finding the right moisturizer can be a challenge because your skin tends to be extra sensitive. Look for non-greasy creams or lotions that are fast-absorbing and won't stain clothing and fabric. Try to find hypoallergenic moisturizers that are free of preservatives and fragrances. If you’re not certain, ask your doctor for suggestions.


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