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Tips to maintain the needed moisture level in skin (Dry Skin)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Tips to maintain the needed moisture level in skin

Although bathing temporarily hydrates your skin, it actually removes the oily lipid layer and very quickly causes more moisture loss than gain. If you don’t have to, particularly during winter season, try showering or bathing every other day instead of daily. Washing less will help your skin maintain the oils that are so essential for protecting your skin - this is especially true as you get older. Modifying your daily routine by taking a bath rather than a shower, gentle towel drying and using moisturizing body washes instead of soap to help reduce the removal of oils from the skin.

Consider using advanced body wash formulations that can effectively clean while causing minimal disruptions to the natural barrier function that’s integral to maintaining healthy skin. Innovative body washes have unique cleansing ingredients that lather up quickly to cleanse, but they also include special moisturizing constituents that efficiently restore adequate hydration levels. Moisturize immediately after you bathe. Keep in mind that water-based lotions won’t leave a greasy feel, but they are less effective than oil-based creams for keeping your skin hydrated. Select products based on your skin type. In a time crunch? You can also try in-shower body lotions that are very convenient and a pleasure to use.


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