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Dry skin from winter weather (Dry Skin)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Dry skin from winter weather

Harsh winter conditions tend to interrupt your skin’s ability to retain adequate hydration levels. Daily maintenance with moisturizers is essential during colder weather in order to avoid getting trapped in the dry skin cycle. When the moisture barrier defense system of your skin is compromised, your body compensates by overproducing cells and slowing the natural rate of shedding. The process results in a thicker surface layer that’s comprised of oil and dead skin cells and gives rise to a rough, dull and dry texture. Take a preemptive approach by moisturizing frequently.

If your skin is especially prone to dryness, try an oil-based moisturizer to provide extra protection - the higher the oil content, the better it will retain the moisture in your skin. Take care in selecting a suitable product, particularly for the face, where it is most susceptible to acne breakouts. You’ll notice that many brands include natural ingredients, such as aloe vera and vitamins, which are typically added to emollient-rich formulations to further enhance hydration and nourishment to the skin.


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