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Tips for healthy hands (Dry Skin)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Tips for healthy hands

The condition of your hands reveals a lot about yourself. Hands indicate the lifestyle that you lead and display the level of care that you devote to personal grooming. Hands also play an important role in communication, so they get easily noticed. Here are a few suggestions to maintain your hands at their best. Avoid dry hands by applying moisturizers throughout the day, as need, especially after hand-washing. Keeping your hands adequately hydrated will also reduce the look of wrinkles. Sun exposure is a prime cause of skin damage, so use sunscreen lotion on your hands before venturing out.

If you must work with caustic agents, harsh chemicals or cleaning products, make certain to wear protective gloves. The same advice goes for everyday household tasks, such as gardening or washing dishes. Avoid keeping your hands in moist or damp conditions because prolonged exposure can promote skin irritation and fungal infections to start. During the cold and flu season, wash your hands frequently, but be sure to moisturize them immediately after each cleansing. Keep a bottle of hand lotion in multiple locations, such as the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, in your car and at the office. Trial sizes can be conveniently stored in your purse or backpack for on-the-go access.


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