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Do you have uneven skin tone?  (Cosmetics)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Do you have uneven skin tone?

Discolorations of the skin are very common and are mostly caused by dryness or irritation, and the cumulative effects of the sun and wind over time. The differences in your skin tone can usually be covered up with make-up, such as foundations and concealers. If you are considering a targeted treatment approach, depigmenting agents such as glycolic acid, kojic acid, glucosamine and hydroquinone can help.

For example, studies have shown that glucosamine can penetrate the top 10 layers of the skin and help to reverse the appearance of past damage, such as age spots, liver spots, and freckles. Regular sunscreen use or application of a daily minimum SPF15 moisturizer can help to limit the formation of further discoloration. During the summer, try using a light moisturizing lotion that provides broad spectrum UV protection to guard against both sunburn and sun damage to your skin.


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