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Free radical defense (Aging Skin)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Free radical defense

Give your skin the benefits of antioxidants. We've all read about the importance of consuming foods that are high in antioxidants to promote health. Skin care products containing antioxidants can also help to neutralize the affects of free radical cells that are thought to be responsible for skin aging. Examples of common antioxidants include vitamins A, C, and E; alpha lipoic acid (ALA); ubiquinone (coenzyme Q-10); idebenone; polyphenols (e.g., catechins, flavonoids); kinetin; botanicals (e.g., teas, grapeseed, grape skins and stems, coffeeberry).

Some evidence suggest that topical application of these agents can boost the skin’s natural antioxidant protection system, reduce free-radical damage by blocking the oxidative processes in cells, inhibit inflammation that leads to collagen depletion, and offer protection against photodamage and skin cancer. Although antioxidants may be helpful in reducing the appearance of existing damage, they cannot reverse the signs of aging.


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