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The link between acne and your hormones (Acne)
Daily Skin Care Tips

The link between acne and your hormones

Hormones play an important role in the development of acne. Consequently, many women find that birth control pills can improve their complexions while providing contraceptive benefits. Depending on the type and severity of acne that you have, your doctor or dermatologist may consider prescribing birth control pills. “The pill” works by stabilizing hormonal levels and there are several preparations available that are approved to treat acne.

Although fluctuating hormones can cause acne, there are many underlying medical conditions that can trigger hormonal imbalances, so it’s important to consult your doctor. For routine care of acne-prone skin, a very basic skin care regimen that includes twice-daily face washing with a gentle cleanser and applications of a moisturizer that suitable for your skin type is all that’s needed.

Try foaming cleansers that lather-up nicely to effectively remove excess oil without striping your skin. Ones containing anti-acne ingredients like salicylic acid can help to reduce blemishes and skin imperfections. Make sure the products you select are marked oil-free or non-comedogenic.


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