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Wanting to camouflage acne? (Acne)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Wanting to camouflage acne?

If you're using cosmetics to cover up your acne, make sure you're not using products (such as oil-based foundations) that can actually make your acne worse. Products labeled as non-comedogenic usually won’t clog pores and tend to not cause acne breakouts.

Keep in mind that when a product is labeled as non-comedogenic, the claim doesn’t hold true for everyone. It’s always best to test a new product on your own skin rather than rely solely on referrals or labeling information. The cosmetics that can cause acne are most likely to be either moisturizers or foundations because both are applied over the entire face.

Advancements in cosmetic formulations that minimize comedogenicity (the likelihood that a given product or ingredient will clog skin pores) include the use of silicone rather than vegetable oils as a base for foundation makeup. Silicone is non-occlusive (less likely to clog pores) and does not leave a shiny appearance.

The use of a sheer foundation, followed by a matte powder, should do the trick to minimize the appearance of acne blemishes.


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