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Acne medications can cause sun sensitivity ...
Some of the most common medications used to treat acne, including tetracycline and the retinoids, can make the skin extremely sensitive to sunlight.
Retinoids and skin care for acne
Creams that include tretinoin as the active agent do double duty: they'll not only improve your acne, they'll also encourage collagen production and help smooth out very fine acne scars.
The benefits of retinoids for aging skin
Retinoids consist of natural and synthetic derivatives of vitamin A. Some retinoid drugs require a prescription (adapalene, tazarotene, tretinoin) and are often used to treat acne.
The Effect of Retinoids
Prevention - it's still the key when it comes to avoiding excessive aging of the skin. The best way to fight photo-aging (damage to your skin caused by getting too much sun exposure) is to protect yourself. Sunscreen use is your number one weapon, as the sun can and will age your skin.
Which acne treatment is best?
It all depends on whether you have minimal, mild, moderate or severe acne. Usually, mild forms can be effectively treated with topical (applied on the skin) medications.