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Age Spots
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Age Spots

Basic care for mature skin
Aging brings about skin changes even before wrinkles become visible. Over time, your face begins to reveal a dull or rough texture, visible pores, blotchiness, age spots and uneven tone.
Preventing age spots ...
Age spots are the result of accumulated sun exposure. The only way to prevent age spots is by practicing your sun smarts well before the age of 40 - the earlier the better.
Starting to see age spots?
You can help to prevent age spots by regularly using sunscreens before the age of 40, avoiding prolonged sun exposure, and wearing protective clothing and hats.
The Effects of Sun Damage
As time goes on, we start to notice brown spots and freckles -- souvenirs of Florida -- on the backs of our hands and on other sun exposed areas like the upper chest and face. At first, these brown spots are small and light colored, but eventually they become a cosmetic problem; an obvious sign of premature aging of the skin
What to do about liver spots?
Liver or age spots, also known as solar lentigines, are flat brown-black spots that commonly occur on sun-exposed areas of the body. They are not related to the liver or the functioning of the liver. These pigmentary changes are brought about by a combination of aging, sun exposure or other unknown causes.