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A moisturizer is essential!
Moisturizers perform several important functions. They replenish both lost water and water-binding ingredients (such as glycerin) that help to retain hydration in the skin.
A practical approach to treating wrinkles
Instead of injecting dermal fillers into the creases of your face, look to new advanced skin care products to help.
All About Moisturizers
Who doesn't want smooth, hydrated, healthy skin? From basic formulas that claim to keep skin moist, to concoctions that promise an end to aging skin and wrinkles, the choice of a skin moisturizer can be overwhelming.
All-in-one moisturizing products
If you’re desperate to get some colour in the winter, you don’t have to fly south or expose yourself to the dangers of indoor tanning booths. Instead, opt for safer alternatives such as sunless tanning products.
An ongoing basic skin care regime can do wonders!
Washing, moisturizing and applying sunscreen are quick and easy steps to achieve and maintain great looking skin. It should take no more than 5-10 minutes each day, but over time, it could take years off the look of your face.
At-home skin treatments
Add an at-home skin treatment to your routine. At-home versions of professional treatments are growing in popularity. Used twice or even once a month, they can help to reveal healthier-looking skin. You can pamper yourself year-round by administering the same treatments at home.
Basic hand and nail care ...
Do not poke around in the space between your nail and the nail bed. It is easy to enlarge the space in between, making the gap more susceptible to infection. Keeping your nails trimmed neatly and washing your hands thoroughly are all you need to do to keep your nails healthy and looking their best.
Body washes are a great help for dry skin
You may not realize that prolonged exposure to water in the shower or bath can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. Water can deplete and impair the skin's natural mechanisms for retaining moisture and ultimately lead to dry skin.
Care for the delicate skin around your eyes
Cream cleansing formulas can gently dissolve the daily build-up of dirt, makeup and mascara, while still keeping the skin around the eyes hydrated.
Cleansing acneic skin ...
Cleansers that are formulating for acne-prone skin will usually say on the packaging that they are "non-comedongenic" and "oil free", which basically indicate that the ingredients will not clog your pores and worsen your acne or trigger an outbreak.
Cleansing for acne-prone skin
Oily skin requires specially formulated cleansers that easily rinse off. You may want to consider trying products created for acne-prone skin, as many of these are also suitable for oily skin.
Combat dry skin with hydration
If your eczema flares-up or you experience the irritating effects from dry skin during the winter season, the key to finding relief is to keep your skin well hydrated throughout the day.
Cosmetics for the aging face
As your skin ages, you may want to switch to cream or oil-based moisturizers and cosmetics. Cream and oil bases more efficiently retain moisture and restore hydration to the skin.
Daily UV protection
Think you don't need to wear sunscreen on a cloudy or rainy day? Not true! Eighty percent of the sun's rays can penetrate through clouds, mist and fog. Wearing sunscreen will keep you protected, rain or shine, and it will help to ward off wrinkles.
Do not forget to remove makeup ...
Take it off with the same care that you used to put it on! It is important to take the time to thoroughly remove all traces of makeup before going to bed to avoid clogging pores that can lead to breakouts and the possibility of an allergic reaction.
Do you have blotchy skin?
Uneven skin tone can appear anywhere on the face or body, and it is a common problem that affects everyone, regardless of skin colour.
Do you have dry skin?
If you are over the age of 50 or frequently work outside, you may find yourself with dry and itchy skin. Choose a moisturizing cream rather than a lotion to replenish your skins moisture levels.
Do you have uneven skin tone?
Discolorations of the skin are very common and are mostly caused by dryness or irritation, and the cumulative effects of the sun and wind over time.
Does your psoriasis seem to worsen during the winter?
Environmental factors, such as cold winter weather, wind and dry indoor heat promote moisture loss from the skin, which can cause psoriasis symptoms to flare or worsen.
Don’t get burned by your razor
Purchasing disposable razors or razor cartridge refills is an ongoing expense, but the price of using old, dull, and unclean blades are razor burn and an increased potential for infection. Usually, problems develop because the razor becomes dull with overuse, so protecting your skin is worth the investment!
Drinking water is not enough ...
While it is true that drinking enough water will keep your body hydrated and sustain proper function, keeping your skin smooth and supple needs more than adequate water consumption. A more complete approach to maintaining your skin at its optimal condition is to drink plenty of water and use a moisturizer daily.
Dry air worsens dry skin
If you have dry skin, you may want to use a humidifier in your home to add moisture indoors. Setting the humidity level between 40 and 50 percent can help alleviate some of the symptoms. During the winter months, the hot dry air produced by the furnace causes your skin to feel especially dry.
Dry and cracked skin on your feet?
There’s a relatively simple solution! Apply a generous amount of thick moisturizer to your feet, cover them up in plastic food saver wrap (i.e., Saran Wrap), then pull on a pair of socks for a couple hours.
Dry and rough skin on your feet?
Dryness, flaking and cracking skin on the feet, especially the heels, are common signs of neglect that warrant our regular attention.
Dry hands begone!
If your hands are dry, you may want to try the following pre-bedtime ritual. Soak your hands in warm water, dry them partially, apply a thick moisturizer and pull on a pair of light cotton gloves.
Dry skin from winter weather
Harsh winter conditions tend to interrupt your skin’s ability to retain adequate hydration levels. Daily maintenance with moisturizers is essential during colder weather in order to avoid getting trapped in the dry skin cycle.
Eczema and dry skin ...
Because eczema is frequently accompanied by dry skin, make sure to regularly apply a suitable moisturizer.
Exploring options to even out your skin tone?
Discolorations of the skin are very common and are mostly caused by the effects of the sun, wind, as well as from dryness or irritations that are accumulated over time.
Eyelid care
Cream cleansing formulas can gently dissolve the daily build-up of dirt, makeup and mascara, while still keeping the skin around the eyes hydrated.
Feet - Winter or Summer - We need them to stay in Tip-Top Shape
Our feet are more important and complicated than most of us care to realize. The way your feet look gives the observer clues as to how well you take care of yourself. The appearance of the feet also transmits multiple signals as to the general health of the person. Properly functioning feet are an essential component of enjoying a satisfying life and we only realize the impact our feet have on us when they are not working or looking their best.
Fighting Dry Skin Through the Winter
Winter is here and many of us relate winter weather with suffering from itchy, dry skin. Chapped lips, dry, cracked hands, flaking skin; all signs of the season
Finding the Right Moisturizer for You
Dry skin on the face area tends to be rare, as the sebaceous glands which produce oil are abundant in the face area, and especially in men. However, these glands weaken as we age, and the cheeks and jawline may begin to become dry.
Get a moisturizing shave!
Razors encased by a moisturizing shaving bar offer you convenience by combining two steps into one. These dual purpose razors deposit moisturizers and lathers up while you shave. The shave bar is formulated with vitamins, aloe and other soothing ingredients that can nourish and restore hydration to your skin. For areas especially prone to dryness, such as the legs, apply a moisturizing lotion after shaving. Monitor the condition of your blades each time you use your razor and do not hesitate to replace them if they are dull or dirty to avoid nicks that can lead to infection.
Get a spa-like treatment with warming cleansers
The vast spectrum of available cleansers makes choosing the right one a challenge. If you’re looking for a special skin care application to pamper yourself, try self-heating cleansers that are uniquely formulated to combine the relaxing feel of a mini spa treatment with the capabilities of facial washes.
Get the right directions for your shave ...
Hair grows in every direction, and so your razor must follow in order to get a smooth result. Hairs on your legs grow down, so it is best to begin at your ankles and shave up. Shaving the hairs in the underarms takes more time and effort because they grow in multiple directions.
How skin thickness affects wrinkling ...
We are all thin-skinned…in certain areas! The thickness of our skin varies considerably, depending on its location and the role it plays: it is thinnest on our eyelids and thickest on the palms of our hands and soles of our feet.
How to get the perfect shave
Achieving a good shave starts with finding the right razor for you. With so many to choose from, your search can be narrowed down by asking friends for recommendations. The variations are endless - lubricated strips, pivoting heads, multiple or specially coated blades, stimulating vibrations, comfort grips, etc. There are even new razors on the market with blades that individually adjust to hug the curves and contours of the human body. You’ll be surprised to find how different each razor feels by sampling a few types. Dull and/or dirty blades can nick your skin and trigger infections. Be sure to keep your blades clean and regularly replace disposable razors and blade cartridges. Moisturize just-shaved skin to replenish lost hydration and help form a protective barrier that will keep your skin feeling softer.
How to Identify and Treat Eczema
Eczema refers to several different conditions where the skin is red, irritated and can sometimes cause small bumps or blisters to form...
How to maximize your shave
Body hair grows in every direction, and so your razor must follow in order to get the closest possible shave. Hairs on your legs grow down, so it’s best to begin at your ankles and shave up. Shaving the hairs in the underarms takes more time and effort, since they grow in every direction.
Improve the look of age spots
You can help to prevent age spots by regularly using sunscreens before the age of 40, avoiding prolonged sun exposure and wearing protective clothing.