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Lip Care
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Lip Care

All About Lips
Within all races and cultures, certain features of the female physique have been considered to be attractive. Certainly, in addition to larger upper face, smaller lower face and petite nose, one of those features are large, full lips. No wonder that our fascination with lips continues to this day.
Caring for Your Lips
They can be on or surrounding the lips and be anything from a lesion to an excess hair problem. For most people these conditions are not trivial and although sometimes treating these conditions can be challenging, new effective therapies are emerging...
Lip Care
Lips are a unique part of our body from both a functional and visual point of view. Lip care is unique, yet simple measures can ensure that they stay young and function well.
Lip Rejuvenation Tips
My lips are disappearing over the last several years!!! I am getting older – I was expecting some wrinkles but I am surprised that my lips are getting smaller. Is there anything that I can do to get my lips back?
Lip Rejuvenation Tips
Lips reach their fullness in our late teenage years or early twenties. From that time, as the lips age, they lose volume and become thin and flat. The appearance of lips is also affected by multitude of other structures including skin, fat, muscle, teeth and bones. Aging changes affect all these components and contribute to the less attractive lip appearance.
Lipsticks help to protect your lips ...
Did you know that your lipstick helps protect your lips? It is true. Using lipstick helps protect your lips from harmful UV rays. It is one of the reasons why men are more apt to get lip cancer. So guys, slap on the lip balm for protection! Make sure to choose one with a minimum SPF of 15.
Managing Unwanted Hair Growth
Unwanted facial hair for a woman can be annoying and embarrassing. The condition, called hirsutism, may be a result of excess androgen (a male sex hormone) and/or sensitivity to it.
Protect your lips from the sun ...
Lips can get sunburned too! Do not forget that the delicate skin on your lips also needs to be protected from the sun and dehydration. In recent years, ingredients such as moisturizers, vitamins A, D and E, aloe vera, collagen, amino acids, and sunscreen have been added to lipsticks.
Sun protection for your lips ...
Lips can get sunburned too! Do not forget that your lips also need to be protected from the sun. In recent years, ingredients such as moisturizers, vitamin E, aloe vera, collagen, amino acids, and sunscreen have been added to lipsticks.
Winter care for your lips
It’s the time of year when glossy red lips can enhance your festive spirit. Selecting a rich red lipstick with gloss or applying a glossy overcoat are great ways to quickly add a splash of colour and shine to your usual makeup regimen.
Winter lip care is a must!
Ladies, did you know that wearing lipstick not only cosmetically enhances your lips, but it also gives you protection against lip cancer? Most men don’t use any form of lip care, consequently, the incidence rate of lip cancer is higher for males than females.
Year-round care for your lips
Take care of the area around your lips with sunscreens and moisturizers. Wrinkles above your lips are not just caused by smoking.