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Sun Damage
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Sun Damage

An Overview Of Sun Damage
Sunshine, although essential for health and wellbeing, is certainly a hazard for the skin. For many people it feels good to spend time outdoors and this makes it difficult to avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Most of the sun exposure we accumulate through our lives is thought to be the effect of multiple, short periods of time outside. If the ozone depletion continues this may also increase our lifetime exposure.

What Does Sun Damaged Skin Look Like?
The appearance of sun-damaged skin is well recognized and is different from changes seen with normal chronological aging. The very smooth, fine, pale wrinkling associated with aging seen in the sun-protected areas of the skin such as the buttocks are different from those of sun damage.

Protecting Your Skin From Sun Damage
Sun avoidance and regular sunscreen use are widely promoted by organizations and individuals interested in skin cancer prevention. There appears to be some confusion about the messages people are getting about sunblock and why they're so important. Some use sunscreens to prevent sunburn, whereas others use sunscreens to improve sun tanning. Some wish to avoid the wrinkling associated with sun exposure, and others believe that sunscreens prevent all types of skin cancer.

Treatment For Sun Damaged Skin
There are a number of products and treatments available to try to reverse some of the signs of sun damage. These include preparations available over the counter, prescription medications and medical procedures.