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10 Tips for a Smooth Shave
Do you get nicks and in-grown hairs from shaving your legs? You are not alone; these are common complaints from women shaving their legs. Below are a few tips to help you get that smooth, clean shave that you want.
Shaving the Legs
Shaving is like brushing your teeth. It is generally a hassle, but it needs to be done, and the results are always satisfying. That is, unless you have a fight with your shaver every day. Here are some facts and tips to ensure your daily shave goes smoothly.
Avoiding Ingrown Hairs
Quite a few men and women are troubled from time to time (or in some cases all the time) by ingrown hairs. For men, ingrown hairs or "razor bumps" are mainly a problem on the front of the neck and under the chin. Women are most commonly bothered by this problem in the bikini area and occasionally in the armpits