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Articles on Sensitive Skin
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Articles: Sensitive Skin

Skin Care Tips for Sensitive Skin Types
If your skin is easily irritated, prone to drying or allergic reactions, or react adversely to temperature changes, or pollution, you likely have sensitive skin. Other common symptoms include reactions to shaving or other physical pressure, overreaction to cosmetics, or a tingling sensation on the skin without the presence of rashes or other physical signs. Sensitive skin affects the facial areas most commonly, but can include other areas of the body. Both genetics and environmental factors contribute to sensitive skin.
Caring for Your Sensitive Skin
Signs and Symptoms of Sensitive Skin - You have tingling, tightening, or skin discomfort without visible signs, You easily reacts to cosmetic, and household products, Your skin tends to overreact to external factors: shaving, stress, aesthetic procedures, weather, You have diffuse redness, drying, recurrent irritation of the skin