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Important Facts About Cosmetics (Cosmetics)
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Important Facts About Cosmetics

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Cosmetics are a huge industry, and they are varied in the roles that they take, including protection, camouflaging, and altering your skin’s appearance. Perfumes and deodorants are also commonly used cosmetics that are used on a regular basis. For more information, visit

Two types of skin products:

Skin products are classified into drugs and cosmetics, which serve different functions. Cosmetics aim to change the appearance of the skin through various methods, while drugs actually alter the structures of the skin. You may have heard of the term cosmeceuticals. They refer to products which use ingredients which have a functional effect on the skin, but are not classified as drugs. These products can improve the skin’s appearance, but they do not improve actual skin function.

Beware the germs:

Sampling make-ups at the mall is always fun. Keep in mind though, that if you are not using a disposable applicator, you are at risk of sampling some germs. Always use disposable applicators; it is a serious hygiene issue. You should never share makeup for this reason.

What about natural ingredients?

Many cosmetic labels will have natural sounding ingredients listed on them. Those claims are true, but keep in mind that many of these natural components are synthesized in a laboratory. Most are not extracted directly from plants, and these products can cause still cause allergic reactions. Many people are allergic to natural products, such as chamomile, lavender, and rosemary. It is always a good idea to test the product first, especially if you are planning to attend a special event.

What does perfume free mean?

Perfume products that are labelled perfume free, can still have perfumes in them, which are used to block the smell of the chemicals that form part of the ingredients. In this case, these ingredients are labelled as preservatives. Petroleum jelly is the only topical that does not require a preservative.

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