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Preparing For the Big Day (General Skin Care)
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Preparing For the Big Day

Kevin C. Smith MD FACP FRCPC

Big events like weddings or graduations put pressure on everyone to look their best. Here are some skin care tips to follow in preparing yourself for your special day:

Be careful when changing your daily routine:

New Cosmetics:

Be careful when experimenting with new cosmetic products, as an allergic or irritant reaction will certainly make your time at the event less enjoyable. If you are planning to break your routine, which you know to be safe, make sure that you try the new products first to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Similar to cosmetics, we recommend that you avoid tanning beds in the weeks prior to the big event as you may have an undesirable reaction to the UV light. Proper sun protection is also important before a big event to avoid unwanted sunburns or skin peels on the day of the event.


If you are thinking of using self-tanning products, make sure to experiment with them months prior to the event so that you are aware of the product’s reaction to your skin. This way, an unsatisfactory result, or worse, an allergic reaction won’t ruin your event. Finally, many self-tanning products can discolour fine clothing, so it may be best to avoid use altogether in the week leading to the event.

Properly Planning Treatments:

Wrinkles, Unwanted Hair or Excessive Sweating

Are you considering a cosmetic procedure, such as Botox® to fix frown lines or control excessive sweating, or the use of other fillers to treat creases, wrinkles or scars? Perhaps you are considering laser hair removal or a procedure to eliminate broken blood vessels. Plan ahead! Have these treatments three weeks prior to the event so that you have sufficient recovery time, and so that the full effects of the procedure can be seen, as most of these procedures will take effect over time. Discuss the date and details of the event with your dermatologist so that all factors can be taken into consideration.

Treating Skin Conditions

If you have an existing skin condition such as acne or rosacea, plan ahead. Visit a dermatologist ahead of time—at least 4 months prior to the event—so that your skin condition can be brought under control, and that it has time to recover from treatment. For more treatment information, visit or


Sometimes, despite our best preparations, disasters strike. If you have a dermatological emergency such as a flare-up of acne or an allergic reaction that causes rashes in the days prior to a big event, don’t despair. Many of these emergencies can be controlled with proper medical treatments. If you have an emergency before an important event, contact your dermatologist for an emergency appointment. Most of us have are understanding of these situations, having experienced similar problems ourselves.


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