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Acne - The New Blu-U Treatments (Acne)
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Acne - The New Blu-U Treatments

Dr. Mariusz J.A. Sapijaszko, MD FRCPC (Dermatology)

Frequently asked question:
I had acne on and off for over five years and I have tried many different treatments. My wedding is coming and I am panicking about my face. I am not keen on using antibiotic pills and I am wondering if there are some new treatments.

The treatment of acne depends on the type of acne that a patient has. Since there are many different acne types, thorough assessment by a physician would be needed before specific therapies are recommended. It is important for patients struggling with challenging acne to be visit a dermatologist as poor diagnosis and lack of experience can lead to inadequate therapy and result in scarring.

Generally speaking, acne can be treated by one or the combination of the following modalities: washes, creams and lotions, chemical peels, oral medications (antibiotics, accutane or birth control pills) and light based technologies (laser, IPL or Blu-U). The choice of treatments depends on many factors including the type of acne that the patient has, prior treatments tried, age of the patient as well as individual preference. Blu-U therapy is a new and effective treatment for acne that does not require antibiotic pills.

Acne is treatable. Scarring is preventable. Treatment options need to be tailored to each patient. You and your face deserve the best care available. Seek advice from dermatologists – the skin experts.

What is Blu-U Light Therapy for Acne?

The Blu-U Light device uses new light based technology to remove acne lesions safely and effectively. It is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment with no side effects. There is no use of any chemicals or drugs. Blu-U Light is the first acne treatment device to receive clearance for acne. It is suitable for all body areas including face and neck acne, chest acne, and back acne.

How does Blu-U Light Therapy work?
Blu-U Light therapy for acne is designed to improve acne without causing significant side effects. In fact it is one of the safest acne treatment options that are available today. The bacteria which are present within the hair/oil gland apparatus create the compounds that are largely responsible for the acne lesions. One of those compounds can interact with the special light that Blu-U emits. This interaction leads to decrease in bacteria count and improvement in acne lesions.

How many Blu-U Light treatments do I need?
The frequency and the number of Blu-U treatments depend on whether it is used as a standalone treatment or as a part of a combination treatment with topical creams, chemical peels or oral medications. When Blu-U is used as a standalone therapy, twice weekly sessions for six weeks are needed. More frequently, I recommend combination treatments with creams, chemical peels or even oral medications. In this case less Blu-U treatments are needed.

What are the side effects of Blu-U Light Therapy?
Blu-U Light therapy is very safe and with no chemical or drug use, the side effects are virtually nonexistent. Specifically, there is no downtime, no irritation, no redness, no peeling, no scarring, or photosensitivity.


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