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Finding the Right Skin Foundation for You (Skin Cleansing)
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Finding the Right Skin Foundation for You


There are a wide variety of skin foundations, each with specific strengths. This guide should help you find the perfect skin foundation that is right for your skin. The first consideration in choosing the appropriate foundation is your skin type.

If you have dry skin:

Oil or water based foundations help your skin retain much needed moisture. Soufflé foundations are the oiliest, and are thicker. Oil gives a semi-matter finish, making reapplication easier. One disadvantage of oil is that it can accentuate wrinkles. For older individuals, another option may be to apply a moisturizer in addition to the foundation instead. Here are some recommended products:

  • Makeup # 1® (Prescriptives) liquid, sheer
  • Moisture Renew Makeup® (Almay) liquid, sheer
  • MoistureWear Cream® (CoverGirl) cream, moderate
  • Liquid Perfection® (Elizabeth Arden) liquid, moderate

If you have normal skin:

Many options are available for those with normal skin. Sheer can work well for those who only require a little skin color. Increasing coverage will work if your skin has variable colors due to sun damage. Another option is the moist semi-matte foundation, provided that there isn't too much oil. Try out various products to see what works best for you.

If you have combination skin:

Most people between the ages of 25 and 45 have combination skin, with an oily forehead, nose, and central cheek area, known as the T-Zone. The neck and lower cheek tends to be drier as the sebum glands are less focused in those areas. It is important to prepare your skin accordingly before applying the foundation. Oily areas in general should be prepared with an astringent while the drier areas can use moisturizers.

If you have oily or acne prone skin:

Oil free foundations, matte or semi-matte, are recommended for oily skin, as they are unlikely to aggravate acne. One disadvantage of these products, however, is that coverage is limited, and they tend not to last as long as their oil based counterparts. For those with more severe acne, sheer foundations are recommended. Moderate coverage is necessary in these cases, and acne scars may be covered by the use of cake foundations with little oil. Remember that if medicated gels are used at all, they will need to be allowed to dry before applying foundation. Here are some recommended foundations for oily or acne prone skin:

  • Demi-Matte® (Estee Lauder) liquid, moderate coverage
  • Makeup#3® (Prescriptives) liquid, sheer
  • Mattique® (L'Oreal) liquid, moderate coverage
  • Oil Control Makeup® (Almay) liquid, sheer
  • Shine Free® (Maybelline) liquid, moderate coverage

If you wish to cover acne scars, oil or silicone based products are recommended, and should be applied with little or no water. These are some recommended products for acne scars:

  • Crème Powder® (Almay) cream, powder
  • Pan-stick Makeup® (MaxFactor) cream, full (opaque)
  • Powdercreme Makeup® (Revlon) cream, powder

For post-surgical care:

Following a surgery, it is imperative that the skin is properly cared for to ensure that it heals without complications. Cosmetics should not be applied until the epidermis has healed and the sutures are removed, although petroleum jelly can be used. Skin cysts or milia can result from dermabrasion if foundations are used too soon following a procedure such as a chemical peel.

Foundations can be applied once the epidermis has grown over to cover redness or acne scars, and can also act as a sunscreen. Cream or cream and powder formulations are recommended for covering post-surgical redness and bruising.

Here are some recommended products:

  • CremePowder Makeup® (Almay) cream, powder
  • Continuous Coverage® (Clinique) cream
  • Maximum Cover® (Estee Lauder) cream

These products should be used for short periods, and removed before sleeping, using skin cleansers. Special removers may be required if the camouflage foundations are waterproof.


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