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An Introduction to Skin Camouflage (Cosmetics)
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An Introduction to Skin Camouflage


Skin Camouflage is a cosmetic that is designed to cover or obscure various skin defects. Various colors exist, for different purposes, and for different skin types, and are introduced below:


These creams are used to cover up white scars, hyper-pigmentation, blur or purple scars.


These creams cover up darker colored bruises, hyper-pigmentation, and dark circles around the eyes.


These creams cover up yellow bruises, hyper-pigmentation, and dark circles under the eyes for those with a darker skin color.


These creams are used to cover general redness of the skin from rosacea, burns, or post-operative redness.

Here are some instructions and tips for applying skin camouflage effectively:

  1. First, cleanse the skin thoroughly.
  2. Apply the skin camouflage sparingly. Remember to choose the appropriate color for your condition.
  3. Allow the cream to dry for a few minutes.
  4. Foundations should be applied using a dry wedge sponge.

Depending on coverage needs, foundations may be applied in layers to increase coverage. Opaque foundations tend to be stronger, with effective coverage on the first application, while sheer foundations often require two for moderate coverage. When applying multiple layers, allow each layer to dry first before applying again. Excess powder can then be removed using a complexion brush.

Below are some examples of skin camouflage products:

  • CoverMark Face Magic®
  • Dermablend®
  • Hyperflage® from Dormer Laboratories Ltd.