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Non-Comedogenic Cosmetics (Cosmetics)
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Non-Comedogenic Cosmetics

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Non-comedogenic cosmetics is the widely known name for products which have been tested on volunteers with oily skin, or animals, for production of blackheads (open comedones) or whiteheads (closed comedones). They are essentially products that are less likely to trigger acne. Keep in mind that everyone's skin is different, and a product that may not produce acne in one person may not be so effective for your skin. It is important to actually try out the products on your skin, rather than using the label as your guide.


Generally, bar soaps and synthetic detergents tend to be more suitable than cleansers for those with oily skin. A good soap such as Neutrogena bad, Dove, or Oil of Olay, or antibacterial cleansers such as Tersaseptic or Aquanil cleansers will provide better results. However, there are a few liquid cleanser products that are designed for people with oily skin. Care must also be taken not to overuse strong cleansers and dry the skin excessively, as the skin will often react by producing even more oil to compensate.

For those that already have acne, there is a plethora of acne cleansing products that are available in the market. Benzoyl peroxide cleansers, available in bar soap or liquid cleansers, are effective in controlling breakouts. Visit for more product information.


Oil free foundations are generally safe for use on oily skin. Most foundations are not heavy or thick, however, the products that allow better coverage are not necessarily acne-inducing. The ingredient that allows for better coverage is titanium dioxide, and is not oily. For those who actually have acne, products with a small amount of salicyclic acid may be beneficial. Starch, kaolin, and polymers which have the effect of absorbing sebum, may be added to certain products who wish to remove excess oil from their skin.


You may have heard of oil free moisturizers, or non-comedogenic moisturizers. Oil free labels such as Colladerma and Nutraderm have a very thin consistency, and have been proven to be oil-free. Non-comedogenic products may be better suited when the air is dry. If the air is hot and humid, the oil free moisturizers may be more suitable.


Sunscreens are generally safe for those with oily skin as the main ingredients contained in UVA and UVB blockers are not acne inducing. These ingredients can be safely incorporated into other cosmetic products such as moisturizers or foundations. The best sunscreens for those that are acne prone may be gel formulations such as Presun Ultra SPF 30 Gel or Shade 30 Gel.


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