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Recommended Cleansers According to Skin Type (Skin Cleansing)
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Recommended Cleansers According to Skin Type

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, we recommend the use of hard-milled face soaps and gentle synthetic detergents. Mild cleansers are especially useful for you as your skin is prone to irritation, especially during the winter months where humidity is low. In these cases, you may be best advised to use cleansers only on the face and body folds to reduce irritation and further drying. Products such as Aquanil, Cetaphil, Spectro Derm, and Spectro Gel can be helpful for your skin type. Finally, several new products which have been demonstrated to be effective, incorporate a liquid cleanser in a cleansing sheet, and these products leave petrolatum after the final rinse, which helps retain moisture in the skin.

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Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, you have at your disposal a wide range of cleansing options. For most people, daily use of soap cleansing should not cause any problems. Other options include liquid cleansers and soap gels, cleansing sheets, synthetic detergent soaps. Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. Liquid cleansers are cleaner solutions in the bathroom, while synthetic detergent soaps react better with hard water. Cleaning sheets leave the skin moist and smooth due to suspended petrolatum. You can visit our webpage at and learn more about various products and their use.

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, we recommend the use of products that rinse well, and have been especially formulated for individuals with oily skin, for both bar soaps and liquid cleansers. Soap gels and strong liquid cleansers are helpful in treating oily skin, as well as cleansers that are designed for acne prone skin. As the skin on the back, chest, and face are oilier than the rest of the body, it may be advisable to use different products for these areas, using moisturizing products for the hands and arms, legs and feet which tend to be drier.

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid products that contain fragrances and preservatives as your skin can react easily to the ingredients contained in these. Mechanical cleansers such as brushes, loofahs, and cleansing grains should also be avoided. Liquid cleansers may also react with sensitive skin due to their additional surfactants. Two non-irritant cleansers are Aquanil, and Cetaphil lotions. Many hard-milled soaps also tend to work well for sensitive skin. Finally, most synthetic detergents are well tolerated by those with sensitive skin, as their pH levels are balanced well for the skin.

Antibacterial Cleansers

Antibacterial cleansers were first introduced in the 60s and have been popular since. These products can have variants, some of which are extremely beneficial to those with acne, such as Tersaseptic. These products can have a drying effect to the skin, and many dermatologists do not recommend these products to those with naturally dry skin, as it can contribute to hand or body eczema. However, it can be beneficial to those who occupationally, need to take extra precautions in skin care. Initial antibacterial cleansers contained photosensitizers, however, this has been removed, and replaced with Triclosan, as the most common ingredient.


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