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Fighting Dry Skin Through the Winter (Dry Skin)
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Fighting Dry Skin Through the Winter

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Winter can be hard for everyone’s skin, but poses a special problem for those that suffer from eczema. As the air becomes more arid during the winter months, most people will develop dry skin, and for those that are especially prone to dryness such as those with existing eczema conditions, these months can be especially trying. This article will provide you with information about everyday skin facts that may save you a trip to the dermatologist or cut down the costs of expensive prescription creams for eczema.

Many people treat their skin with hot and long baths or showers in an attempt to moisturize their dry and irritated skin, and also because they are often cold during the winter. Unfortunately this has the effect of removing the skin’s natural oils which maintain skin moisture and prevent water evaporation from the skin, making their skin even drier, and aggravating their eczema.

Other common mistakes include the excessive use of soaps and bubble baths, which are a form of detergent. For general washing, simple rinsing with plain water will suffice, leaving the natural oils that protect your skin’s moisture intact. Instead of soaps and detergents which can be irritants for the skin, opt for gentle cleansing options, such as Cetaphil™, Dove™, or SpectroDerm™. For more information about gentle cleansing products, visit

Ensure that your hands are rinsed thoroughly. Often left over soap residue from inadequate rinsing is the cause of skin irritation, which substantially increases water loss from the skin. Application of moisturizing cream following drying can help lock in moisture, and prevents the skin from drying and scaling. Prevex™ cream is recommended for this purpose, and can help bring relief from eczema. Cliniderm™ and Impruv™ are also effective products that can help moisturize the skin. Learn more about eczema at


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