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Important Changes in the Cosmetic Surgery Industry (Cosmetic Surgery)
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Important Changes in the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

Dr Bryce Cowan BSc MSc MD PhD FRCSC

The numbers speak for themselves:

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 1992, 389,024 cosmetic procedures were performed. Just 11 years later, in 2003, 2,900,000 cosmetic procedures were performed. 47% of women and 34% of men, who were undecided about cosmetic surgery, are now in favour of it. This reflects both increased demand for cosmetic surgery, as well as a growing acceptance in public opinion of cosmetic surgery in North America. The popularity of reality shows that feature cosmetic surgery, have perhaps increased public awareness and acceptance of cosmetic procedures.

Public demands for various procedures are also on the change. The procedures in highest demand in 1992 were Eyelid surgery, Nosejobs, Liposuction, Collagen injection, Facelifts, and Breast augmentation. Comparatively in 2003, the most popular procedures were Botox® injections, microdermabrasion, breast augmentation, liposuction, laser hair removal, and eyelid surgery.

If you are considering having a cosmetic procedure:

  • Who is conducting the surgery, and are they qualified? Are they a board certified dermatologist or surgeon? Am I comfortable placing my looks in the hands of this person?
  • Do they have experience with this operation? Do they have sample photographs of their past work as reference?
  • What are the potential risks or complications that could arise from this procedure?
  • Do they understand my medical history, and is this factored into the risks?
  • Should further complication arise, will I be responsible for the costs?
  • How long will recovery take?

Remember that cosmetic procedures can have permanent consequences, so take time to consider your options, be well educated about the procedure, and exercise caution in making decisions that you will not regret.


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