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Articles on Herpes
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Articles: Herpes

Cold Sore Fact Sheet
Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. HSV-1 is generally the cause of cold sores, while HSV-2 is generally responsible for causing genital herpes. HSV-1 infection is common when we are children, and in the majority of cases, these initial infections are asymptomatic.
Genital Herpes Fact Sheet
There is a lot of social stigma associated with genital herpes, as well as myths that can be harmful. Below are some important facts about this very common sexually transmitted disease.
Identifying and Treating Shingles
Everyone with shingles has had chickenpox at some time. Nearly 99% of adults have had chickenpox at some point in their lives, meaning that nearly all adults are at risk for shingles. When the chickenpox skin rash goes away, the virus goes into hibernation (latency) in the nerve roots of the spinal cord.