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Articles on Cosmetic Surgery
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Articles: Cosmetic Surgery

Important Changes in the Cosmetic Surgery Industry
Recent statistics reflect both increased demand for cosmetic surgery, as well as a growing acceptance in public opinion of cosmetic surgery in North America. The popularity of reality shows that feature cosmetic surgery, have perhaps increased public awareness and acceptance of cosmetic procedures.
Face Lift Information Guide
Face Lift is a procedure that most people can benefit from. This may sound too radical but most people feel a need and desire to look their best. When skin creams and lotions, Botox, lasers, chemical peels and fillers fail - face lift may offer the solution that is difficult to resist.
All About Lips
Within all races and cultures, certain features of the female physique have been considered to be attractive. Certainly, in addition to larger upper face, smaller lower face and petite nose, one of those features are large, full lips. No wonder that our fascination with lips continues to this day.
Nipple Surgery: The Last Frontier of Cosmetic Surgery?
Nipple aesthetics are a significant concern to both men and women. Nipple shape, size, symmetry as well as textural characteristics are all important when considering nipple revision or correction. The most common concerns include, among others, nipple size asymmetry, enlarged nipples in men and inverted nipples in women. Traditionally, nipple surgery has been a domain of plastic surgeons, but recently dermatologists have been asked to help patients with this rather common concern. Surgically inclined dermatologists are uniquely suited to perform these procedures and they are familiar not only with the regional anatomy but are also experts in skin function.